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Do not carry refrigerant cylinders randomly, the following points are very noteworthy

Views: 2021-08-25

Cylinders are divided into domestic and industrial use. It is normal for everyone to be unfamiliar with refrigerant cylinders. They are all hydraulic and gas pressure containers, so they cannot be transported at will. The following aspects are forced to be transported. Be sure to pay attention:
① When transporting gas cylinders, cover the gas cylinder caps to protect the valves.
②Before carrying by the manufacturer, all accessories connected to the gas cylinder, such as pressure regulators, rubber hoses, etc., should be unloaded.
③Avoid touching and transporting gas cylinders with hands, gloves, or rags stained with grease.
④General regulations: When transporting gas cylinders, do not make the gas cylinders protrude from the side of the vehicle or at both ends, and adequate measures should be taken to prevent the gas cylinders from falling off the vehicle. Do not leave them apart during transportation to avoid collisions when the vehicle is moving. Can not be suspended with magnets or iron chains, but can be fastened with ropes, and no more than one at a time. If the crane is used for loading and unloading more than one, the officially designed bracket shall be used.
The above is about the four aspects that need to be paid attention to in the process of transporting refrigerant cylinders. Strictly comply with the transport regulations, and do not move it at will when it is not necessary.