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Cylinder overview

Views: 2021-08-24

Cylinder is a kind of pressure vessel. It refers to a refillable mobile gas cylinder with a design pressure of 1-300kgf/cm2 and a volume of not more than 1m3, containing compressed gas or high-pressure liquefied gas. It is used for civil, public welfare and industrial and mining enterprises. A more common type of pressure vessel in China. Cylinders are also called gas cylinders. The main system of the cylinders is made of killed steel, alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel. The main structure includes: bottle body, protective cover, base, bottle mouth, angle valve, fusible plug, anti-vibration ring and packing, etc.
The characteristic of the gas cylinder is that it contains compressed gas or liquefied gas, and part of the content is flammable and explosive medium, which can be repeatedly inflated and moved. Therefore, if the product quality is unqualified or the storage or use is improper, explosive accidents are likely to occur, endangering the safety of personnel, equipment and property. Cylinders have implemented the import product safety and quality licensing system, and the products that have not obtained the import safety and quality license are not allowed to be imported.